November 29, 2023 — Keelung Port welcomed the Resorts World One cruise ship for its maiden voyage today (11/29). It is the first cruise ship to target Keelung-Hong Kong passengers after the epidemic, injecting new vitality into the cruise market.

Photo above: Deputy General Manager Song Yijin (left) of the Keelung Port Branch of Taiwan Port Corporation presented a commemorative plaque to Mr. Bohman (right), the captain of the “Resorts World One” cruise ship, for its maiden voyage

Taiwan is an important hub on Asia’s cruise routes, coupled with the support of a huge passenger source market, it has always been one of the important bases for Asia’s cruise development. Resorts World Cruises, which was established in Singapore in 2022, has successively established its flag in the Singapore and Hong Kong markets, and also attaches great importance to the Taiwan market. This voyage carried more than 1,000 passengers from Hong Kong, stopping at Kaohsiung and Keelung along the way before returning to Hong Kong. In addition, the industry is also planning travel products for passengers to board a ship from Kaohsiung Port or Keelung Port, travel to Hong Kong and then depart by flight, using the Fly-Cruise model to provide passengers with more choices.

Resorts World Cruises has been planning a Keelung Port route for a long time. In September this year, President Wu Mingfa of the company paid a visit to General Manager Gao Chuankai of the Keelung Port Branch. During the meeting, he mentioned that Resorts World Cruises has actively planned future voyages to Asia and hopes to continue to deepen the Taiwan cruise market. Focusing on the development potential of the Keelung Port cruise market, both parties hope to differentiate the market and cooperate with Taiwan’s central and local tourism authorities to promote Fly-Cruise products to attract tourists from Southeast Asia and other countries to fly to Taiwan for sightseeing and then transfer. Take cruises to ports in Northeast Asia such as Japan and South Korea to create a more diversified cruise tourism market.

In order to welcome Taiwan’s important partners in future cruise development, Song Yijin, deputy general manager of Keelung Port Branch, boarded the ship and presented a commemorative plaque for the first voyage to express his welcome and gratitude. The Port of Keelung took advantage of the epidemic period to significantly upgrade its cruise terminal facilities to welcome more new brand cruise ships. It is hoped that this voyage will pave the way for the future Keelung home port route of Resorts World Cruises. With the cooperation between the two parties, Taiwan’s cruise industry will be revitalized and break through the pre-epidemic peak.

Basic information of Resorts World One:
Gross tonnage: 75,338 / Captain: 268 meters / Width: 32 meters / Capacity of passengers: 1,854 / Next berthing port: Hong Kong Provider: Keelung Port Branch Terminal