July 22, 2021 — In 1991, Reid Middleton opened their Anchorage office. Over the last 30 years, they’ve had the chance to work on a lot of projects…and look forward to the opportunity to work on many, many more! For their 30th anniversary of serving the Last Frontier, they looked back at some of their memorable projects in Alaska, including the U.S. Coast Guard Kodiak Fuel Pier & Cargo Wharf Upgrade. Willy Ahn, PE, said one of his favorite recollections was getting the opportunity to work with the U.S. Coast Guard to help them design a solution for repairing and upgrading components of their fuel pier and cargo wharf in Kodiak, Alaska. Willy’s inventive approach ultimately helped save over $37 million. The project is just one of 13 waterfront projects throughout Alaska that Willy has completed.