July 13, 2021 — California Governor Newsom signed SB 129 which includes $5 million for the construction of the proposed Redwood City Ferry Terminal. Thank you to Assemblymember Kevin Mullin for the project support.

The City of Redwood City has been planning for a WETA (Water Emergency Transportation Authority) ferry terminal for close to twenty years.  In 2016 WETA, made plans to add 11 terminals and 8 routes by the year 2035 including a potential terminal in Redwood City. The City completed a comprehensive Ferry Financial Feasibility Study & Cost-Benefit and Economic Impact Analyses feasibility in October 2020.  The study offers alternatives for the ferry terminal location and associated construction costs, projected at $21.9M.  The City is now working on a Business Plan to demonstrate how the transit service would be cost-effectively provided, how ridership will be attracted, and how the overall project would be financed.

“Words can’t describe the excitement and gratitude I have over this infusion of funds to help bring ferry service to life in Redwood City. I thank Assemblymember Mullin for his leadership and support on this critical transportation project”, said Redwood City Mayor, Diane Howard. “I look forward to continuing to work with the Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA), San Mateo County Transportation Authority and the Port of Redwood City as we complete the Ferry Business Plan. I look forward to the day that we stand together and officially welcome ferry service back to Redwood City.”

“With congestion back and getting worse, expanding high-speed passenger ferry service to Redwood City will provide residents and workers with a fast, convenient alternative to driving”, said WETA Executive Director Seamus Murphy. “The plans show it will work, but it cannot happen without investment, and Assemblymember Mullin’s inclusion of funding to advance this improvement is a game-changer for the thousands of San Mateo County residents looking forward to hopping aboard.”