April 14, 2021 — In order to meet the business needs and enhance the experience of the executives of the management level, the Taiwan Port Corporation adjusted the senior executives on April 14, 110 as follows:

  1. Administrative Deputy General Manager Wang Paifeng was transferred to Deputy General Manager and concurrently General Manager of Hualien Port Branch.
  2. Assistant deputy general manager Wang Jinrong was promoted to deputy general manager of engineering and acted as deputy general manager of administration.

Newly appointed Hualien branch general manager Wang Paifeng, 60 years old, graduated from the Department of Commerce of National Taiwan University, passed the second-level special examination for investigators in 1977, and served as the senior director of the head office, the port manager of the Kaohsiung branch, and the Kaohsiung branch The deputy general manager and the administrative deputy general manager of the head office are well-qualified, capable of handling tasks, and familiar with port operations. Their performance is obvious to all.
The new deputy general manager of engineering Wang Jinrong, 59 years old, holds a master’s degree from the Institute of Electrical Energy and Control Engineering, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science and Technology, passed the civil service advanced examination in electrical engineering in 80 years, and served as the senior director of the head office and the general engineering department of the Keelung branch. And assistant deputy general manager of the head office, skilled in engineering business, and rich experience, good at communication and coordination and crisis management.
Taiwan Ports Corporation emphasized that the company is full of internal talents. The professionalism, personality traits and job experience of the candidates for this job adjustment is a temporary choice. I believe that the new job will be able to gather the team and lead the company’s colleagues to expand business opportunities and enhance Taiwan Hong Kong Group’s service quality and international competitiveness.