November 29, 2022 — Taichung Port has been in operation for 46 years. In response to the development of the domestic economy and the evolution of the shipping market, Taichung Port Branch has actively invested in various software and hardware facilities in the port area, and timely adjusted its operations and management to match national policies, thus creating an offshore The wind power and green energy industry base has transformed into today’s Taichung Port.

This year (111) , with the joint efforts of partners from all walks of life in the port area, the cargo handling volume from January to October has reached 115.06 million tons , and the cargo handling volume of offshore wind power has increased by 8.75 million tons compared with the same period last year. Nearly 3 times, its operating performance is the most eye-catching.

In addition, the “Offshore Wind Power Localization Zone” planned by the Taichung Port Branch covers a total of 107.3 hectares of land. The manufacturers stationed there have already received concrete results this year (111) . Tianli Offshore Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd. has completed the first local manufacturing The blades were successfully installed in the Copenhagen Infrastructure Fund ( CIP ) Zhangfang Wind Field; Siemens Gamesa ( Siemens Gamesa ) Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. reinvested and leased 12 hectares of land to expand the energy of the existing nacelle assembly plant, At the same time, it plans to produce other related components of wind power; in the future, Taichung Port Branch will continue to play the role of a local port operator, continue to communicate and cooperate closely with related industries, and work together to create a new situation in the green energy industry.

In addition to being the home port for offshore wind power operations in line with national policies, Taichung Port is also actively developing the tourism industry in the port area. The Maritime Development College Park, operated by Zhenyi Industrial Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhenda Group, entrusted by Taiwan Port Affairs Co., Ltd. The second largest international chain brand “Golden Tulip Hotel” (Golden Tulip Hotel) is a world-class hotel – Chenda Jintai Golden Fragrance Hotel, which just opened for trial operation in November . It is not only the first international brand hotel on the Taichung Sea Line , and aims to become the first European Green Key certified green hotel in Taiwan, which is expected to bring more diverse sightseeing styles to the port area.

The outstanding operating results of Taichung Port rely on the advanced joint efforts and cooperation of all partners in the port area to promote the development of various industries and make a further step forward for the prosperity and development of Taichung Port and its surrounding areas. Taichung Port Branch will continue to uphold it in the future The concept of coexistence and common prosperity of the big family in the port area is committed to creating a high-quality, diverse, green and sustainable Taichung Port.