August 18, 2020 — The Port of Stockton unveiled a new communication tool today — Dock Dispatch, News from the Port of Stockton. The quarterly newsletter will cover topics ranging from the environment to legislation to activities within the community as well as the latest news for the Port as well as interesting Port facts.

In the first issue, the Port reported on the launch of their 2020 Emissions Inventory. The initiative, kicked off in July by the Environmental Division, is a comprehensive study to identify sources of emissions and calculate the quantities of Greenhouse Gases and air pollutants resulting from Port operations. The inventory report will enable the Port to make informed decisions about how and where to reduce emissions through equipment upgrades to yield the greatest benefits to the local community.

Additional news from Stockton included notice of the postponement of Coastal Cleanup Day. Typically held in September each year, the Port has rescheduled to the Spring of 2021 due to COVID-19. More information is available at

The quarterly newsletter is a great way to keep up to date on port and community activities. To sign up to receive the newsletter by email, contact: