March 29, 2021 — The Port of Skagit is providing a grant of up to $10,000 to the Concrete Chamber of Commerce as part of a Targeted Community Partnership Program.

The grant funding, provided to the Chamber as the project sponsor, will go to help offset the costs of replacing the HVAC system at the Concrete Theatre as part of the theatre’s expansion.  The Concrete Theatre recently purchased adjacent space in downtown Concrete to provide additional meeting space for different community events, as well as expanded business operations for the theatre.

“The Concrete Theatre is an anchor in the Concrete community, and it provides resources and a central hub for connecting residents in eastern Skagit County,” said District 3 Port Commissioner Bill Shuler.  “The Port recognizes the role of the Concrete Theatre in building community engagement and opportunities that support commerce and events that bring citizens together.”

The Port’s grant is contingent on the community raising matching funds of $7,000 to fully cover the costs of the furnace replacement.  The Concrete Theatre hosts several community and Chamber events throughout the year, including workshops, music events, historical and educational presentations, holiday events, documentary screenings, group fitness classes and special fundraising events for community groups.

The Port’s Targeted Community Partnership Program is designed to provide one-time grant funds for communities in need, to support opportunities related to economic development, commerce, and tourism.  There are several new jobs being created with the expansion, which includes a multipurpose room for meetings and gatherings.

For more information on how to help, please contact Valerie Lee, Chamber Manager, at