The Port of Richmond is northern California’s most diversified cargo handler. With its roots in petroleum and liquid bulk cargos, The Port of Richmond encompasses five (5) City-owned terminals and ten (10) privately owned terminals for handling bulk liquids, dry bulk materials, metals, vehicles and break-bulk cargoes.

At a glance

  • Terminal 2 — Approximately 8 acres for storage and distribution of liquid bulk. The facility has two wharfs, one concrete (50 x 45 feet) and one timber (225 x 45 feet) with a berthing length of 720 feet with two dolphins. Two warehouses total 140,000 square feet. The facility is serviced by BNSF/UPSP rail.
  • Terminal 3 — Approximately 20 acres used for import, storage and distribution of break bulk, project cargo, and containers. A concrete wharf provides for a berthing length of 1,250 feet with two dolphins. A warehouse encompasses 80,000 square feet. Rail services are through a connection to the adjacent terminal.
  • Terminal 4 — Approximately 37 acres with a timber wharf offering a length of 1,000 feet for berthing and a warehouse with 12,000 square feet. The facility is services by BNSF/UPSP.
  • Pt Potrero Marine Terminal (5)(6)(7) — Approximately 130 acres used for import, storage and distribution of autos, break bulk, dry and liquid bulk. Facilities include a concrete wharf (1,620 feet berthing length) and two concrete piers (300 and 400 feet berthing length). Two warehouses encompass 170,000 square feet. There is also a basin with five graving docks (4 at 575 x 100 feet, and one at 750 x 100 feet). Rail services (BNSF) connected to the terminal with 11 rail car spots.


P.O. Box 4046
Richmond, CA 94804 USA

Telephone: 510-215-4600

Key staff:
Executive Director — James C. Matzorkis (jim_matzorkis@ci.richmond.ca.us)
Port Marketing/Operations Manager — Lucy Zhou (lucy_zhou@ci.richmond.ca.us)
Operations Administrator — Janie Singleton  (janie_singleton@ci.richmond.ca.us)
Financial Manager — Delmy Cuellar (delmy_cuellar@ci.richmond.ca.us)
Executive Secretary — Vickie Medina (vickie_medina@ci.richmond.ca.us)