September 30, 2022 — Port Commissioners reviewed projects and authorized expenditures with the common theme of planning for the future at Tuesday’s monthly Port of Newport Commission meeting.

Pilings under the International Terminal’s “RORO” dock (short for roll-on, roll-off) will get a closer look thanks to a contract approved with KPFF Engineers for dock inspection.

“It’s been 10 years since we’ve looked at these pilings and they aren’t all under cathodic protection, so we want to keep a close eye on them. Under that section of dock, there are a lot of pilings packed into a small, concentrated area because it is for a very high-capacity load,” explained Aaron Bretz, Port Director of Operations.

A number of tools will be utilized, according to Bretz, including steel samplings, ultrasonic tests, visual inspection, and inspection below the mud line.

Port Commissioners approved the $117,124 contract, plus an extra 10 percent for contingencies. In return, the pilings will be inspected, and a repair plan will be created to address any issues.

“Part of the scope is also to go ahead and get permitting for that work so that we have permits goings into the next season,” the operations director added.

Port Commissioners also approved the purchase of two compact pick-up trucks. With an aging fleet showing the effects of extended exposure to salt air, the goal had been to purchase four trucks under a state purchasing  contract. Bretz explained that demand was so great, he could only secure two vehicles – a two-wheel drive hybrid Ford Maverick and an all-wheel drive 2.O-liter Ford Maverick. General Manager Paula Miranda was authorized up to spend up to $50,000 total for the two trucks.

Port Commissioners also gave conditional approval to amendment of the Port’s lease with Rogue Brewery to extend it through 2047 and allow for the company to sub-lease part of the property to Cambrian Water Operations Project Company LLC.

In order to resolve on-going issues with the City of Newport over wastewater from the brewery, Rogue will contract with Cambrian to construct and operate a wastewater facility to pre-treat discharge.

Although some of the details regarding the engineering of the facility have to be finalized, Commissioners gave Miranda the go-ahead to proceed with the amended lease provided all issues were resolved to the liking of the manager and the Port’s attorneys.