May 27, 2022 — Suao Port is an important commercial port on the eastern coast of Taiwan. There are many large trucks entering and leaving the port every day to carry goods. The Suao Port Operation Office of Keelung Port Branch of Taiwan Port Co., Ltd. actively promotes the green port policy. Based on corporate social responsibility, it cooperates with Yilan County. The government jointly promoted the designation of Suao Port as the first air quality maintenance area in Yilan County. Diesel vehicles that have passed the smoke emission inspection of any county and city environmental protection bureau within one year are not allowed to drive in this area, hoping to improve the air quality of the port area and surrounding areas.

In recent years, the government has actively promoted diversified subsidy policies such as replacing old vehicles with new ones, or installing pollution control equipment or adjusting fuel control systems for vehicles that do not meet exhaust standards. It is expected to effectively reduce the use of old vehicles and improve the new different vehicle usage.

In order to benefit the implementation of the plan, diesel vehicle operators entering and leaving Suao Port have been promoted many times to complete their own inspection at the diesel vehicle exhaust inspection station of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Yilan County Government, which will facilitate the official implementation from January 1, 2012. Provided by : Keelung