December 11, 2020 — As part of ongoing efforts to attract new intercontinental cargo shipping volume and to meet the evolving shipping and cargo handling needs of northern Taiwan, TIPC subsidiary Port of Keelung is installing modern, state-of-the-art warehouse facilities that bolster the port’s strategic competencies within the TIPC port family. This year (2020) has seen the completion of major renovation work on the port’s West Warehouse No. 7 and of construction work on the new West Warehouse No. 16. Operating permits have already been secured for both facilities. Plans for the new West Warehouse No. 27 are proceeding apace, with completion of this facility expected in 2022. These new facilities will further help the Port of Keelung meet the business needs of its customers.

A major practical impact of the relocation of the Weihai Naval Base within the port has been the loss to port operations of two bulk-cargo warehouses (West No. 8 and West No. 14) and their respective 4,630m2 and 1,980m2 of storage space, resulting in an immediate reduction in available storage of some 6,600m2. In response, port authorities added a second level to West No. 7 (reopening it as a 14,900m2 facility) and rebuilt West No. 16 as a three-story (15,200m2) facility at a total cost of NT$740 million. These two projects have effectively added 18,800m2 of state-of-the-art, multifunctional bulk-cargo handling storage space to the port. Furthermore, to increase and deepen long-term port service capabilities a project has been launched this year to build the new, one-story West No. 27 warehouse facility (5,600m2) at a project budget of NT$200 million.

To ensure its ability to remain closely aligned with the constantly evolving demands of the global shipping market and industry, the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) keeps close tabs on shipping company needs and regularly upgrades and improves its port infrastructures, adjusts and expands warehouse-space availabilities, and enhances operating efficiencies to maintain and further hone its advantages and competitive position.