May 21, 2021 — Port of Keelung, TIPC inaugurated in March a series of typhoon/flooding preparedness coordination meetings and related networking activities involving its three main operating units (Port of Keelung, Taipei Port, and Suao Port) to ramp up preparedness for the upcoming 2021 typhoon season. The objective is to enhance the effectiveness of the overall response of the Port of Keelung organization to typhoon events and to reduce related risks to port safety.

During March, the Port of Keelung, TIPC fully inventoried and tested its typhoon and flood prevention facilities, notified businesses with leased port land and construction firms with active port projects to strengthen typhoon/flood protection measures, and formalized typhoon preparedness plans and drills. In addition, the Port of Keelung Typhoon and Flood Preparedness Simulation Drill, attended by 22 related public and private-sector organizations, ran a series of simulation exercises that tested coordinated response capabilities to a port-wide electricity blackout, flooding coupled with vessels going adrift, and a gantry crane being blown over, and increased general typhoon-season preparedness. Furthermore, port officials will be using ongoing port-preparedness inspections, container-yard checkups and reminders, and regular coordination committee meetings to continuously review and bolster preparedness and safety oversight at Port of Keelung ports.

The increase in weather-related disasters driven by the abnormal climatic conditions experienced in recent years has required significant new investments in human, capital, and financial resources to effectively improve preparedness measures, support emergency rescue operations, and repair related damage. TIPC is committed to making the comprehensive effort necessary to prepare for the climate and weather-related threats to come. TIPC will continue regularly conducting a broad spectrum of drills to improve disaster response capabilities and maintain the highest levels of port safety.