September 6, 2022 — As part of efforts to hasten its 5G digital transformation and in line with MOTC’s five-year 5GDriven Intelligent Transportation Technology Service Innovation & Industrial Development Program launched last year, Port of Keelung, TIPC has partnered with Chunghwa Telecom to run a series of proof-of-concept trials for multiple advanced 5G-enabled smart port services. The partnership focuses on developing and deploying unmanned drones, autonomous surface vehicles, and autonomous undersea vehicles to provide smart patrol services on land as well as above and below the water’s surface.

Chunghwa Telecom developed the autonomously operated air, water-surface, and underwater drones tested at Port of Keelung in cooperation with Coretronic Robotics, Chunghwa System Integration, and CHT Security. Compared to traditional manual site patrols, smart patrolling systems that use automated drones promise to greatly reduce manpower input while greatly improving the prevention workplace-accident-related injuries and fatalities. AI recognition software analyses of real-time aerial drone images can help detect and deter illegal fishing activity, monitor port roadways, detect sea debris, and track and study environmental change in and around ports. Autonomous floating and undersea vehicles may be used in place of scuba divers for inspection work and other dangerous tasks conducted underwater. In addition, a system developed through a cooperative venture with Japan’s SoftBank uses real time kinematic (RTK) positioning to compare real-time site positioning data with streaming satellite navigation information and adjust for anomalies to ensure the highest level of accuracy and safety for navigation and other activities at Taiwan’s ports.

These new applications will gradually be introduced across Taiwan’s international commercial ports based on the final results of a second series of test trials to be scheduled after results of the first have been reviewed. These and other applications can be expected to expand the innovative suite of 5G smart transportation services used at TIPC ports and advance domestic digital sector development and competitiveness.
5G-enabled smart port operations represent a clear and growing trend worldwide. Port of Keelung is committed to working with MOTC’s expedited timeline for achieving the 5G digital transformation of domestic transportation infrastructures and will continue working to achieveTrans-SMART 2.0+ Plan goals to further increase efficiencies and competitiveness and create a world-class smart port operation.