November 10, 2020 — The Port of Kaohsiung’s Great Harbor Bridge became an instant municipal tourist and social-media ‘check-in’ hotspot when it officially opened on July 6th of this year (2020). Several marathon and other events are scheduled over the upcoming months to further spur tourism and leisure development around the new bridge and throughout the port’s historic Old District.

Great Harbor Bridge spans the Port of Kaohsiung’s 3rd Navigation Channel, extending 110m in length and 5~11m in width. The bridge conveniently connects the Pier2 Art Center and Penglai Commercial District. It is currently the longest swing bridge in East Asia as well as Taiwan’s only swing bridge. The bridge is open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic, providing easy access to all of the myriad retail, cultural-creative, and entertainment attractions in the Old Port District. It is also one of the best places in the city for sunset viewing and for posting a ‘check-in’on your favorite social-media platform. Port of Kaohsiung records show that the bridge has already attracted over 800,000 visitors to date, averaging 200,000 visitors monthly with weekends regularly attracting 16,000 visitors per day.

Beyond its innate touristic allure, Great Harbor Bridge is enjoying rising popularity as a destination for events organized by government agencies and charitable organizations. In August, the Taiwan International Ports Organization (TIPC) sponsored a charity performance by Papermill Theatre and, in October, Eden Social Welfare Foundation held the 7th Touching Life Festival ‘Slow Stroll’ activity at the bridge. Moreover, the Kaohsiung Lions Club will hold their 2nd Antidrug Marathon on November 15th, with the route passing through the Penglai Commercial District and across Great Harbor Bridge. Early next year, the 2021 Kaohsiung Fubon Marathon on January 31st will welcome several thousand participants to run a challenging course spanning the width and breadth of the city, with the full-marathon group running the circuit between Kaohsiung National Stadium and Penglai Commercial District, with the opportunity to see Great Harbor Bridge along the way.

TIPC is working diligently to encourage government and charitable organizations to include the Port of Kaohsiung in marathon events held in Kaohsiung City as part of overall TIPC efforts to fuel tourism interest and visits to the port. On the day of the Antidrug and Fubon marathon events (Nov. 15th and Jan. 31st), Great Harbor Bridge will open early at 06:00 (rather than the normal time of 08:00) and remain open to pedestrians and visitors until 22:00 to give participants the opportunity to experience the exceptional views of the port and Kaohsiung City from its gracefully designed deck.