Port of Hueneme


The Port of Hueneme is one of the most productive and efficient commercial trade gateways for niche cargo on the West Coast. The Port moves $10.85 billion in goods each year and consistently ranks among the top ten U.S. ports for automobiles and fresh produce. Port operations support the community by bringing $1.7 billion in economic activity and creating 15,834 trade-related jobs. Trade through the Port of Hueneme generates more than $119 million in direct and related state and local taxes, which fund vital community services. Governed by five Port Commissioners, the Port of Hueneme became the first port in California to become Green Marine certified and was voted the Greenest Port in the U.S. at the Green Shipping Summit.


333 Ponoma Street
Port Hueneme, CA 93041
T: 805-488-3677

Key staff:
CEO & Port Director — Kristin Decas (kdecas@portofh.org)
Deputy Executive Director, CFO/CAO — Andrew Palomares (apalomares@portofh.org)

Jason T. Hodge, President
Mary Anne Rooney, Vice President
Jess J. Herrera, Secretary
Celina L. Zacarias, Commissioner
Jess J. Ramirez, Commissioner