May 21, 2021 — Hualien Port Branch has established a logistics distribution base for service providers. A specific area is planned as a special logistics area. The area is located north of Jilin Road, east of Minsheng Road, and close to County Road 193 in Hualien County. It has a complete block and convenient transportation. The area is about 3.9 hectares.

Image above: Location plan of the whole district

This area is a port land, which can be used as a logistics center, delivery center, cargo storage and transportation, processing, and storage yard. The investment plan adopts the method of renting out prime land, and the business owners plan to build storage facilities on their own. The land can be rented in the whole district or in districts, which is convenient for business owners to use flexibly.

At present, in addition to the Hsinchu logistics company that has been stationed in operation, the Hualien Port Branch has been actively attracting investment and successfully recruited a full-day logistics company on February 25 this year. The company has completed the contract on March 22. In the future, it will plan to build a Heng Low Temperature Warehouse as one of its round-the-island cold chain logistics bases.

There are still about 2.2 hectares of land available for use in this area. It is hoped that through the effect of industry clusters, the logistics development of Hualien Port will be promoted and related industries will be promoted.

The Hualien Port Logistics Zone is only a 10-minute drive from the Taiwan Nine Line, and a 15-minute drive from the airport and railway station. It connects with existing shipping routes and port railways and other transportation facilities. It is also suitable for business development plans such as land, sea and air transport or processing re-export , Welcome to consult with related industries to facilitate business opportunities.