Once the leading export port for U.S. grown timber, Grays Harbor now leads the U.S. in exports of American grown soybean meal and is the number one seafood landing point in Washington State. While forest products remain an important piece of the Grays Harbor cargo mix, the Port has substantially diversified the products shipped through this Pacific Northwest gateway to include automobiles, biodiesel and other liquid and dry bulk products.

At a glance

  • Marine Terminals
    • Terminal 4 – The Port’s largest marine terminal with a 1,400-foot-long berth capable of handling two vessels. Equipped with dockside warehousing, paved uplands, and on-dock rail service, T4 serves as the primary Ro/Ro and breakbulk cargo terminal.
    • Terminal 3 – Only an hour and half from open sea with a 150-acre marine industrial site with a deep water terminal and on-site rail.
    • Terminal 2 – State-of-the-art dry and liquid bulk facility served by a rail loop.
    • Terminal 1 – a barge and liquid loading facility, with adjacent uplands storage area.
  • Marina
    • Guest boat moorage.
    • Public boat ramp.
    • Fuel docks (provided by Masco Petroleum)
    • Fishing boardwalk.
  • Bowerman Airport
    • Runway – 5,000 feet length; full parallel taxiway (50 feet wide); four connecting taxiways; radio-activated runway lights.
    • Fuel — 100LL fuel available 24 hours/day; Jet A line service available 24/7.
    • Navigation — ILS and RNAV equipped.
    • Adjacent property available for commercial air cargo, development and hangars.
    • Pilots lounge.
  • Properties — home to more than 100 businesses, the Port of Grays Harbor offers growing companies more than 600-acres of prime industrial and commercial development properties. Located on the Pacific Northwest Coastal Export Corridor, these sites provide access to rail, highways, marine shipping and telecommunications infrastructure.


111 S. Wooding Street
Aberdeen, WA 98520, USA
T: 360-533-9528

Key staff:
Executive Director — Gary Nelson (gnelson@portgrays.org)
Deputy Executive Director — Leonard Barnes (lbarnes@portgrays.org)

Stan Pinnick
Phil Papac
Tom Quigg