February 3, 2022 — On Friday, January 28th, Ag Processing Inc (AGP) announced it plans to build a new state-of-the-art soybean processing plant near David City, Nebraska.    AGP is the Port of Grays Harbor’s largest marine terminal customer with its storage and export facility at Terminal 2.

“The soybean processing industry is experiencing tremendous growth and we believe a facility in East Central Nebraska is strategically located to serve our cooperative members and their farmer-owners. Maintaining a strong cooperative system is vital to agricultural producers and our rural communities,” stated AGP’s Chairman of the Board Lowell Wilson.

“We have carefully evaluated this opportunity and are confident this investment will generate solid returns for our membership and benefit producers throughout the region,” stated Chris Schaffer, AGP’s Chief Executive Officer. “Domestic and global demand for soybean meal and soybean oil continues to grow. The David City location will also improve the Company’s ability to market soybean meal to the Pacific Rim through AGP’s export terminal in Aberdeen, Washington. AGP is currently considering investments that will significantly increase our export capabilities to meet the expected growth in domestic protein supply.”

The Port of Grays Harbor continues to move forward with plans to improve and develop infrastructure to meet the demands of its largest customer.  “We anticipate needing to improve fender systems and expand rail capabilities within our marine terminal complex to handle increased volume, while minimizing the impacts to our community,” explained Executive Director Gary Nelson.

Deputy Executive Director Leonard Barnes added, “Our Marine Terminal team is ready to serve our customers’ needs and deliver seamless soybean meal loading for AGP’s customers throughout the Pacific Rim.”

“At AGP’s Annual Meeting last month, we learned about the increased demand for soybean oil for biofuel, as well as the increased demand for soymeal throughout the world,” shared Port of Grays Harbor Commission President Tom Quigg. “The Port of Grays Harbor is committed to working with our community partners to develop the infrastructure that will support AGP’s growth in Grays Harbor well into the future.”

Founded in 1911, the Port of Grays Harbor is one of Washington State’s oldest port districts and Washington’s only deep-water port located directly on the Pacific Ocean.  The Port of Grays Harbor operates 4 deep-water marine terminals, the Westport Marina, Bowerman Airport, Grays Harbor ship assist services, numerous public waterfront access facilities, in addition to industrial and business parks throughout the County.  The addition of Satsop Business Park increased the Port’s properties to more than 1,000 acres of industrial properties and an additional 1,200 acres of sustainably managed forestland.   Strategically located midway between Seattle and Portland and less than 1 ½ hours from open sea, the Port of Grays Harbor provides businesses a diverse portfolio of facilities. More information on the Port of Grays Harbor’s facilities and operations is available at portofgraysharbor.com or satsop.com.