Download the APP Press Release welcoming the Port of Alaska (April, 2020)

Port of Alaska is Alaska’s premier cargo import terminal. Every year it handles more than 3.5 million tons of food, building materials, cars, clothing, cement, fuel and other goods that Alaskans need and use every day to live, work and thrive in our state. The Port is an intermodal transport hub that efficiently connects marine, highway, rail, pipeline and air cargo systems to move goods and fuel to some 200 communities, military bases and other destinations across our State. The Port of Alaska is Alaska’s economic heart. Almost half of the cargo crossing its docks is bound for destinations outside of Anchorage, from Homer to Prudhoe Bay. It serves deep-water vessels operating year round to transport cargo faster, cheaper and more reliably than any other means. It is a critical piece of U.S. national defense infrastructure that helps keep our nation strong . . . and Alaska produce fresh.

At a glance


  • Four ship berths that are dredged to a published draft depth of minus-35 feet mean lower low water (MLLW)
  • Three general cargo terminals (2,100 ft. of dock face) having container, roll on/roll off, bulk cement, and break bulk capabilities
  • Three 38-gauge, rail-mounted, electric container cranes (two 30-ton and one 40-ton capacity)
  • Loose cement offloading capability via pneumatic pump and pipeline
  • Two petroleum product terminals (600 feet each of berthing space) with nine 2,000-bbl./hr.-product pipelines
  • Bulk Petroleum valve yard capable of accommodating multiple simultaneous marine/shore and/or inter-user shore side transfers
  • On-dock transit shed with 27,000 square foot heated storage/office space
  • No limit on maximum ship length or breadth

Port of Alaska has 125 acres immediately adjacent to millions of dollars of freight-related infrastructure, including:

  • Approximately 60 acres of laydown/transit yards
  • 3.4 million barrels of liquid fuel storage
  • 60,000 tons of cement storage


2000 Anchorage Port Road
Anchorage, AK 99501

Telephone: (907) 343-6200

Email: portofalaska@anchorageak.gov

Key staff:
Port Director — Stephen Ribuffo, AMPE (Steve.Ribuffo@anchorageak.gov)
Port Modernization Program Engineering Manager — John Daley, PE (John.Daley@anchorageak.gov)
Port Engineer – Brian Weigand, PE (Brian.Weigand@anchorageak.gov)
Finance and Administration Manager — Cheryl Beckham, AMPE (Cheryl.Beckham@anchorageak.gov)
Superintendent of Operations and Maintenance — Ronnie Poole (Ronnie.Poole@anchorageak.gov)
Director of Business Continuity and External Affairs, Facility Security Officer — Jim Jager, AMPE (Jim.Jager@anchorageak.gov)