The Pohnpei Port Authority is responsible for the development, management, operation and maintenance of Pohnpei ports and facilities. Because of the distance between the islands of Pohnpei and their remoteness from large commercial centers of the world, PPA recognizes that transportation constitutes a vital link in Pohnpei State’s ongoing efforts toward social development and economic self-sufficiency.

As mandated by state law, the mission of PPA is to plan, establish, develop, construct, enlarge, improve, maintain, equip, operate and regulate the ports within Pohnpei State and serve as a safe, efficient, responsive commercial and transportation hub for the benefit of customers and stakeholders.

At a glance


  • The Port of Pohnpei consists of four key areas — international, fishing, domestic and marine surveillance. The main dock encompassing the International and fishing dock with the domestic and Marine surveillance dock adjacent to the main dock area. Stevedoring services are provided by Federated Shipping Company (FSCO) a private company who undertake all freight movements at the port as well as handling warehousing and storage of goods piloting services and the delivery of containers and goods to site. 


  • Caroline Islands Air makes periodic flights from Pohnpei to civil airfields on the atolls of Mwoakilloa, Pingelap, and Sapwuahfik. Pohnpei International Airport (PNI) is located on Deketik, a small lagoon islet connected to Pohnpei Island by a mile-long causeway. The airport receives regular commercial flights from Guam (via Chuuk) and Honolulu (via the Marshall Islands and Kosrae). The facilities are also equipped to handle direct flights from the Asian and U.S. mainlands and island groups in the region. United Airlines provided the main passenger service to Pohnpei and Asia Pacific Air (APA) provide airfreight services twice weekly. PHI’s two runways are 1,829 x 46 meters in dimension. Airport infrastructure includes a main terminal and ground handling shed. Handling equipment, including ramp elevators and fuel supply equipment are available.


P.O. Box 1150    
Kolonia, Pohnpei State 96941
Federated States of Micronesia

Telephone: 691-320-2793

Key staff:
General Manager — Pius Roby (pbroby@mail.fm)

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