Wednesday, April 14, 2021 – 3:00 pm BST

The terminal of today: Should we stop thinking so much about the technology of the future and focus on the technology of now?

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Are you thinking too far ahead and missing out on commercial and operational gains you could be making right now from today’s technology? Join Liebherr, NIRAS Group and Midstream Lighting on this engaging and entertaining panel to find out how you can act, right now.

Future gazing is integral to the evolution of the shipping industry, with discussions on the terminal of tomorrow and fleet of the future capturing people’s imagination. The long-term impact of the global pandemic, as well as growing environmental ambition in many sectors, have created even more discussion than usual about what the future of our industry may look like. However, such speculation rather than action leaves us at risk of missing out on the huge gains which can be achieved with the assets already available to us.

It goes without saying that the more time spent speculating about the future, the longer we’ll continue to live with avoidable inefficiencies. There has been considerable debate about the terminal of the future, but our priorities should be focused on the fact that there is ‘low lying fruit’ in the form of proven technologies and solutions that should rightly take their place in the terminal of today, but which are still not widely utilised.

This engaging panel discussion will aim to discuss the technologies available to ports and terminal right now, the quick and easy steps they can take to implement them and the resounding impacts they can have. We’re delighted to be joined by four special guests:

  • Andreas Ritschel, Area Sales Manager, Liebherr
  • Adam Sharp, Global Maritime Principal, NIRAS Group
  • Mark Nailer, EMEA Maritime Manager, Midstream Lighting
  • Rory Mcbride, US Maritime Manager, Midstream Lighting

Date & Time: Wednesday 14th April, 3:00 PM BST

Length: 60 Minutes including Q&A

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