May 10, 2022 – The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) has remanded the Port Westward rezone, sending it back to Columbia County for more information. The Columbia County Board of Commissioners approved the Port of Columbia County’s application to rezone 837 acres at Port Westward from Primary Agriculture to Resource Industrial Planned Development last September.

“The decision by the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals is disappointing for those seeking responsible economic development in Columbia County and in the state of Oregon, but we remain hopeful and will continue to work to expand economic opportunity in this underserved part of the state,” said Sean Clark, executive director for the port.

“Port Westward is one of very few deep-water ports on the Columbia River, and with the dock structure already serving the site, we have an incredibly unique asset adjacent to land which is already developed and is primed for additional development,” said Clark. “The Port believes that we effectively demonstrated that responsible industrial and agricultural uses can coexist together as good neighbors, as they have for decades at Port Westward.

“The Port Commission will consider how to best to move forward for economic development in Columbia County,” said Clark.

Port Westward is a deep-water port with existing dock facilities and direct access to the 43-foot navigation channel in the Columbia River. The 837-acre expansion at Port Westward will address the need, both at the local and state level, for additional industrial land.