Port Efficiencies — Virtual Workshop
October 8, 2020 (4:00 pm Pacific Time)

The next event for the Association of Pacific Ports will be a virtual technical workshop focused on Port Efficiencies.

Ports around the world are realizing the benefits of integrated management systems for everything from facilities to vessel traffic. New technologies from Yardi Systems, Inc. and PortLink provide port managers with the ability to consolidate management systems into a single, seamless hub that reduces redundancies and increases communication with port users. Our APP Technical Workshop highlights how these systems can be implemented at ports both large and small.

Attendees will also hear about the practical side of creating port efficiencies as Midstream Lighting describes how lighting design and planning can not only impact on a port’s ROI but will also reduce inefficient (and often bothersome to neighbors) lighting issues.

Join us on October 8, 2020 at 4:00 to 5:00 pm Pacific Time via Zoom. The workshop is free but registration (below) is required.

Speaker bios

Moderator: Doug Hayes, Executive Director, Port of Columbia County

Douglas Hayes has been the executive director at the Port of Columbia County since 2017. Mr. Hayes is retiring as Lieu­tenant Colonel with the United States Army, most recently as Battalion Commander at Fort Hood, Texas. In Hayes’ 20-plus years with the Army, he has led deployments around the world and at home. Notable achievements include leading economic development efforts in Kosovo; addressing sensitive environmental and archaeological concerns on the James River, Virginia; and bringing opposing tribal groups together to participate in elections in Anbar Province, Iraq.

Dedicated to diversity, Hayes commanded the first Army unit to integrate and promote women into combat roles. Lt. Col. Hayes received numerous commendations, awards, and medals for his service, including two Bronze Stars.

Hayes enjoys being active and volunteering in his local communities. He has served on local school boards, volunteered with the Boy Scouts, and developed a partnership with local elementary schools where soldiers worked with students.

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Jay Rainaldi, Director, Government Solutions, Yardi Systems, Inc.

With over 30 years of property management and software implementation experience, Mr. Rainaldi is the Professional Services Director for government business at Yardi Systems, Inc. and oversees the implementation, support and client acquisition in the government space. He has served on a number of boards and committees in the residential, military, single family and government arenas during his career and has been a speaker and moderator  at numerous industry conferences and events, including a presentation on real estate management in the port industry for the Association of Pacific Ports at the 2019 Winter Conference.

Mr. Rainaldi received his bachelor’s degree from Wright State University in 1991; he is also certified as a Certified Occupancy Specialist through the National Center for Housing Management. Mr. Rainaldi is also active in a number of charitable and philanthropic organizations.

Jay’s presentation will start with a short recap of port management over the last five years and how ports – both big and small — are finding real solutions through single connected platforms. Looking at modern challenges (including COVID), Jay then delves into solutions that promise much greater efficiencies.

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Kris English, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), PortLink

Kris is a dynamic digital strategist with a passion for product innovation and creating positive customer experiences. Following his career at sea, Kris held the position of Global Marketing Manager at a Canadian-based maritime technology company where he was involved in a number of large, complex maritime projects.  These projects included the Marine Electronic Highway (MEH) project in the Malacca Straights which was overseen by the IMO, Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) upgrade project for the busiest Ferry Port in Europe – Port of Dover, Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) project for the Port of Nanaimo and many others.  Since joining PortLink as Chief Marketing Officer, Kris has used his customer-focused approach to help the business grow on a global scale and secure a number of valued and prestigious customers. Kris has guided PortLink at its early stage to develop innovative digital maritime solutions assisting PortLink to achieve key business goals and growth.

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Rory McBride, Global Sales, Maritime, Midstream Lighting

Rory has more than a decade of experience in the maritime industry, working for companies like Liebherr, ZPMC and currently Midstream Lighting. He is a specialist in driving operational efficiencies via the solutions and products he brings to the market. Rory has built strong, global relationships across the maritime industry, with a focus on building long lasting partnerships with the people and companies he meets. In his current role he is responsible for Midstream Lightings Maritime sales across the Americas. His role includes identifying projects and local resources, coordinating with relevant Port Authorities and energy agencies, and ensuring solutions are executed successfully.

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APP Technical Workshop - October 8, 2020