March 19, 2021 — To facilitate the continued, successful expansion of the nation’s commercial port infrastructure and the promotion of business through the Port of Kaohsiung’s Intercontinental Container Terminal (ICT), the Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC recently convened the PoK ICT Committee on Utilities and Environmental Protection. The membership comprises the eight companies that are currently registered and operating at the ICT. The Committee will begin normal operations in the near future, with the goal of actively managing utility needs and environmental issues within the terminal area in support of sustainable, long-term business operations.

In a released statement, the Port of Kaohsiung noted that utility and environmental management are key issues affecting regular business operations and future expansion. During construction of the ICT, the Port of Kaohsiung made comprehensive preparations to allow the effective implementation of utility and environmental management measures and held multiple meetings with ICT companies (including CPC, Evergreen Marine, CPDC, China General Terminal & Distribution Corp., Shiny Chemical Industrial, Lushun Warehouse Co., Formosa Plastics Corp., and Chien Tung Harbour Service Co.) that ultimately led to the formation of the PoK ICT Committee on Utilities and Environmental Protection. Committee rules and regulations have been set and approved, targeting the efficient management of water and electric utility matters within the ICT and the upholding of the ICT’s environmental commitments. The ongoing goal of the committee is to maintain the high-efficiency, high-quality, state-of-the-art green port operations critical to making the Port of Kaohsiung even more internationally competitive.