July 30, 2021 — In order to promote the development of waterfront tourism in the inner port and connect the east coast water and land tourism and recreational corridors, the Hualien Port Branch has entrusted a consulting company to plan for the development of the eastern Coastal cultural and creative warehouse market and island-hopping travel and supply base for exploratory cruise ships.

The planning direction of the whole district is to use #14 warehouse as the core main building of the water and land recreational sightseeing corridor of the inner port area. The new entrance and image facilities of the area are planned to be combined with the existing facilities of the port to create a new appearance of the inner port area. The general public has a stereotype of the port area, providing tourists with new bases that combine comfort, scenic views, consumption and rest. At this stage, due to the coordination of the construction plan of the National Ocean Resources Institute’s Marine Resources Museum and the change of the urban planning schedule for the Hualien Port East Site, the initial investment of NT$30 million in the year 111 will be used to renovate the 150 square meters of space in the 14th warehouse. The customs clearance operation field used by island-hopping cruise services of less than 10,000 tons class, and strive for the #14 dock to be used as a small yacht and whale watching boat for boarding.

The preliminary project is expected to complete the detailed design verification and license application by the end of October, 110. The project will be awarded by the end of December, 110. The construction will start in January, and the construction will be completed by the end of June. In the future, the construction plan of the Marine Resources Museum and the urban plan for the Hualien Port East site change will be promoted in a timely manner in accordance with the project planning of the entire district.

In response to the above plan, the Hualien Port Affairs Division expects to handle the investment and construction of “Hualian Port #13~#16 Wharf Water and Land Recreation and Sightseeing Corridor and Leasing and Operating Commercial Port Facilities” in the fourth quarter of this (110) year, hoping to revitalize the land and construction assets. And diversify the use of commercial port facilities to create the greatest overall benefit, and actively promote the blue highway that combines maritime tourism and transportation functions.

The scope of the investment proposal includes #14~#15 dock back line land and #14 warehouse, with a total area of ​​about 1.8 hectares. The entire district is funded, planned, constructed, and managed by the winning bidder, and other recreational-related facilities are used as the blue road operating base and shopping mall operation, sightseeing and recreation. The successful bidder must also apply for rent increase for the adjacent #13, #16 rear line land, #13-#16 docks, etc., to make full use of the port land and successfully achieve a win-win situation for the development of the entire district. Investors who are interested in working together to create a new look for sightseeing and recreational ports are welcome to actively participate in the bidding, and jointly create the economic synergy of Hualien Port’s marine industry.