Join us on Thursday, March 4 at 4:30 pm ET/2:30 pm MT/3:30 pm CT/1:30 pm PT for “Navigating Trans Pacific Supply Chain challenges: perspectives from a North American railroader in Asia”.

In this webinar the audience will gain a unique perspective of the world-wide container shipping crisis from Gabriel Lagunes, CN’s representative in China based in Shanghai. He will explain the big picture COVID-19 impacts through a manufacturing and landside lens. Although supply chain disruptions have been reported throughout the pandemic, Gabriel’s comments as a participant on the ground will bring a reality lens to the situation.
In a discussion with the moderator, Bob Armstrong, Gabriel will offer more context concerning specific disturbances that are causing confusion, delays and inefficiencies. He will offer his observations and anecdotes that will demonstrate the fast and perhaps lasting impacts of COVID-19-related trade disruptions.

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