We’re a global engineering, management, and development consulting firm focused on guiding our clients through many of the planet’s most intricate challenges. Our network of experts, active in 150 countries, finds opportunities in complexity, turning obstacles into elegant, sustainable solutions.

Our engineers and our project and program managers have taken lead roles in the world’s highest-profile infrastructure and development projects.

Yet design and management are just the tip of a deep iceberg. Our clients have access to the vast knowledge of internationally recognized environmentalists, planners, economists, project finance advisors, cost consultants, business strategists, and more. They work with each other and with you to save money and time, reduce risks, increase efficiency, and advance best practice.

Whatever you need, you can be confident that Mott MacDonald will find efficient and creative ways of meeting your ambitions, and beyond.


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Edmonds, WA 98020 USA

Telephone: (425) 778-6243

Shane Phillips, Vice President – shane.phillips@mottmac.com
Andrew Cairns, Vice President – andrew.cairns@mottmac.com
Nels Sultan, Principal Engineer – nels.sultan@mottmac.com