Midstream Lighting are a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced, robust, best-in-class LED lighting solutions for the maritime industry. These solutions are manufactured to the highest quality standards to provide long-lasting, best-in-class lighting. And their technology is specifically engineered for applications that solve the challenging and complex needs of maritime clients. Needs like:

  • Reducing energy consumption.
  • Cutting maintenance costs.
  • Providing the safest working environment
  • Securing the facility
  • Minimising environmental impact
  • All whilst vastly improving the quality of their lighting.

The right lighting is fundamental to the smooth and safe running of all port and maritime terminals. Whether the application is for an international container port, a local terminal or for maritime crane equipment, quality, reliable lighting is critical.

Their pioneering LED lighting products are engineered to integrate precisely within the environments in which they’re deployed, frequently acting as transformative solutions. For the past ten years, they’ve delivered the best port, terminal, and large area lighting solutions internationally. Their advantage lies in their proprietary optic system which allows ports and terminals to achieve the required lux levels just where they need it. They can provide technologically compliant, easy retrofit packages and turnkey solutions that are low glare, durable and fully compliant – whatever your needs. That’s why they’re the preferred supplier to many of the world’s busiest and biggest ports and terminals.

Unlike other ‘specialist’ lighting companies, they truly deliver a full solution. From day one to the final sign-off of your maritime project and beyond, they can and do take care of everything including:

  • Lighting design
  • Best in class products
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and warranty
  • Rebate and financing support
  • Training and education
  • Advising and consulting

So, where high standards and efficiency are needed, we deliver a quality solution that gives you more, for less – making us the right choice for your next project.


US Headquarters:
Midstream Lighting Ltd.
66 West Flagler Street,
Miami, FL 33130,USA

Telephone: (888) 549-6775

Rory McBride, Global Sales – Maritime – Rory.McBride@Midstreamlighting.com
Telephone: 407-534-0191