September 1, 2020 — The Port Bureau of the Ministry of Communications held today (1) a seminar on the “Review of the National Legalization of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL)” to review the results of the domestic legalization of port laws and international maritime conventions in order to facilitate the government to formulate policies Or when amending laws and regulations, we can better grasp the international development trend and help Taiwan’s shipping industry to go international without any disadvantages.

The seminar was hosted by Chen Binquan, Deputy Director of the Port Bureau, and invited Chen Zhenru, Associate Professor of the Department of Law of Chengchi University, and Cai Jiting, Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University, as speakers, Xu Caifu, Manager of the Taipei Office of the Japan Maritime Association, and Liu Decai, former secretary of the Airport Bureau, and Taiwan Ocean University Experts and scholars such as Cai Peilun, assistant professor of the Master of Marine Policy Program, acted as interviewers to review and comment on whether the port regulations comply with the MARPOL norms and whether MARPOL has been substantively domestically legalized, etc., and put forward specific suggestions; at the same time, comprehensive discussions were arranged. Interaction.

Chen Binquan stated that the MARPOL specification has a great bearing on the rights and interests of shipowners and shipping industry. Representatives from the industry, government, and academia are invited to brainstorm and provide valuable suggestions on the effectiveness of port laws and policies and future improvements. Continue to build a solid reference for international competitiveness. In the future, the Port Authority will continue to actively implement the national legalization of the international maritime conventions.