The Levin-Richmond Terminal is a family-owned business in Richmond that has been operating for 37 years. The clean, well-maintained facility exports coal, petroleum coke and recycled metal and uses state-of-the-art dust control to prevent air pollution. They have been a good neighbor, with impeccable safety and cleanliness records.

The Terminal employs 50 union workers, many of which live in Richmond. These are good paying jobs with benefits. Levin-Richmond Terminal is one of the safest workplaces in Richmond. There hasn’t been a “lost-time accident” in 10 years.


402 Wright Ave.
Richmond, CA 94804 USA

Telephone: 510-307-4009

Barbara O’ Neill, VP of Marketing & Sales – barbara@levinterminal.com
Pat O’Driscoll, VP of Operations – pato@levinterminal.com