April 14, 2022 — NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading provider and integrator of advanced IT, communications, and networking solutions, today announced the launch of a comprehensive suite of Workplace Management solutions that complement its UNIVERGE BLUE® CLOUD SERVICES to realize the ultimate smart workspace for workforce wellbeing, convenience, safety and seamless collaboration.

Redefining the workplace experience – safe, sustainable, automated, and engaging
A new world of flexible working is redefining how we work, collaborate, and communicate. Hybrid working is taking the place of the traditional office and cloud-based services are lowering thresholds for organizations to adopt the latest solutions that enable them to become more agile and efficient.

Employees expect flexibility and choice of workplace, and enterprises have a unique opportunity to embrace the digital transformation to enhance organizational resilience, workforce well-being, convenience, and productivity, by creating safer, more sustainable, more automated, and engaging environments for individuals and teams. Smart enterprises adopt digital workspace strategies to create such environments.

With the introduction of UNIVERGE BLUE® cloud-based communications services in 2020, NEC has already provided customers with fully integrated Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions, providing telephony, collaboration, conferencing, webinars, file sharing/backup, security and more within a single solution.

“Now, with the introduction of five powerful Workplace Management solutions that are dynamically delivered from the cloud, on-premises or hybrid, the workplace is transformed for a safe return to the office that accommodates for a flexible and right-sized environment,” said Ram Menghani, President of Product Development for NEC Enterprise Communications Technologies.

Tomorrow’s SMART WORKSPACE – Here, Today
“NEC Smart Workspace brings together advanced applications and real-time data to provide automated, frictionless services that enable a secure, seamless, safe-working, and welcoming customer experience. It also provides a smooth interaction across office locations, campuses, hotels, and events centers. Leveraging technology innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biometrics, and Cloud Communications improves the way we work and interact in a stimulating environment that maximizes productivity, well-being, safety, convenience and organizational resilience,” Menghani said.

The new Workplace Management solutions are a suite of modular components that can be used to facilitate an employee’s journey, integrate workflows, and manage visitors through:

  • Office space optimization and workplace efficiency
  • Automated reservation and touchless check-in
  • Access and space control, and occupancy restrictions
  • Monitoring, sanitization and physical distance compliance
  • Digital signage and wayfinding
  • Location analytics and asset tracking

At present NEC distinguishes the following modular components:

    An easy-to-use, automated, touchless customizable self-service solution that guides employees, visitors or guests through the check-in / check-out process normally provided at a reception desk and provides a safe, efficient, and secure welcome.
    Dynamic office space management that combines the benefits of flexible work location options with in-office simulations by leveraging the power of data and AI to embed health and safety, flexibility, security, and privacy into every work experience across physical and virtual work locations.
    Safeguards the workplace through a cloud-based Hosted Video Security solution provided as a service – with setup, support, maintenance and monitoring managed through a secure website or application hosted in your own data center, or as a hybrid setup.
    Easy-to-use and completely automated self-service solution for the hospitality industry that enhances the Guest Experience by allowing guests to effortlessly self-manage checking in and out. The intuitive interface supports proprietary branding and is fully customizable.

NEC Smart Workspace components can be deployed individually or as a complete solution set and can draw on NEC’s UNIVERGE INTEGRATION PLATFORM to dynamically design, manage and streamline customized workflows across an organization.

The solutions can also be utilized in a variety of industry sectors such as hotels, universities, event centers, retail, finance, and utilities.