December 27, 2021 — Keelung Port is located at an important import and export gateway in northern Taiwan. Taiwan Ports Co., Ltd. used the epidemic period to continuously improve port transportation facilities, improve various infrastructures to improve customs clearance efficiency, and respond to the future retaliatory tourism brought by domestic and foreign tourists after the epidemic eases At present, the East Coast Tourism Center has been constructed and is in the process of attracting investment.

Keelung Port aims to create an international waterfront layout, increase water-water recreation, and enhance passenger clearance services as a national gateway. The original base port building is expanded to increase travel functions, and the waiting room is planned to provide souvenirs, rest and entertainment, and necessary catering services. The center of the building is designed on the top floor of the building. The heart of the harbor-sky garden covers an area of ​​790 square meters. It is composed of flower gardens, wooden plank roads, wood grain bricks and visual creative installation art. The light-weight design combines the view of the cruise deck with the greenery of the city garden, providing leisure and recreation for tourists and citizens.

Photo above: Keelung Port East Coast Travel Center was built 300 meters to the north, creating a cruise tourism service environment that is close to the sea, leisure and green, and comprehensive and friendly.

The new construction and landscape improvement project of the East Coast Terminal has been completed this year. The investment area is 2,949 square meters, the parking lot is 6,137 square meters, and there are 37 tourist buses, 50 passenger cars, barrier-free and motorcycle parking spaces. In addition to providing In addition to the consumption function, it also alleviates the problem of insufficient parking spaces in the urban area. In the future, the east and west coasts of Keelung Port will be connected as an international waterfront sightseeing area, and the two-axis development strategy of passenger and cargo will continue to be diversified toward international tourism, transportation and logistics. Leading Northern Taiwan into a new generation.

East 3-East 4 passenger service facilities and parking lots are under investment invitation. The bidding deadline will be on January 17, 111. The selection instructions have been announced on the website of Keelung Port Branch (link https://kl.twport. ). For related investment matters, please contact the Planning Division of the Business Division of Keelung Port Branch, telephone (02) 2420-6365 Mr. Chen.