December 21, 2022 — The Keelung Port Branch of Taiwan Port Affairs Co., Ltd. has achieved outstanding performance in 2011. It is estimated that the annual container handling volume of Keelung Port will once again exceed 1.6 million TEU, and the container traffic volume of Taipei Port will increase by 10% compared with 2010. The Keelung Port Branch said that during the epidemic period, the volume of containers could reach 1.6 million TEU for two consecutive years. We would like to thank the shipping companies and port operators for their joint efforts. In addition, the Keelung Port Branch has continued to promote the relocation of the Keelung Port Military Wharf and the renovation of the back-line facilities in 2011, the upgrade plan for the counter yard on the west bank of the Keelung Port, and the completion of the Keelung Port West 16 front warehouse, and the Keelung Port East 3 to East 4 passenger service facilities. And the parking lot project, and completed the construction of the offshore wind power heavy cargo terminal in Taipei Port, the 3.6 hectares of the rear line of the S6-1 pier in the south port area of ​​Taipei Port, and the land for the logistics and storage area of ​​Suao Port, etc., to actively enhance the competitiveness of the port.

In terms of asset activation, the Keelung Port Branch is expected to complete the signing of two investment projects in January 2012 in Nuannuan District, Keelung City, “Land Lease Operation Case on the North Side of Dongnuan New Village” and “Dongnuan New Village Parking Lot Lease Operation Case”, Xinyi District, Keelung City The “Xiner Road Commercial Facilities and Land Investment Proposal” is scheduled to be publicly read in January 2012, and the public investment invitation will be held in February; in addition, for Yide New Village, Qidu District, Keelung City, it is planned to be located at Taiwan Railway Qidu Station and Keelung City No. 7 The conditions of the surrounding areas of the future urban land rezoning area, in order to combine the development opportunities of the neighboring areas to participate in the urban renewal, entrust the consulting company to select the implementers of the urban renewal, and look forward to the development plan with the most potential, commercial benefits and the best investment incentives Business conditions attract high-quality urban reformers to participate in Yide New Village investment, improve land use efficiency and activate asset values, and create long-term development and business opportunities for the city and port.

Looking forward to the future, with the efforts of various industry players in the port area and the support of shipping companies, we still maintain optimistic expectations. The container volume of Keelung Port in 112 years is estimated to reach about 1.62 million TEU; Following the recovery, when the ban on international cruise ships in my country’s commercial ports was lifted on October 24, 2011, the international cruise market has been in full swing. The Keelung Port Branch continues to actively track shipping companies and cruise ship resumption information. In addition to providing historical In addition to the highest port rate discount, the general manager Gao led a team to Barcelona, ​​the largest cruise port in Europe, for an exchange and investigation, to develop a plan for Keelung Port to strive for cruise ships to arrive at the port, and to seize various opportunities to cooperate with various ports in Asia. Through horizontal exchanges, we look forward to working together with well-known neighboring Asian ports to speed up the return of my country’s passenger ship traffic to its former prosperity.