December 13, 3021 — In order to optimize the port capacity and capacity of the container transshipment hub of Kaohsiung Port, Taiwan Port Corporation is now actively constructing the seventh container center plan. Various projects are progressing as scheduled and are scheduled to be completed in the second half of 111 and 112, respectively. In the second phase, related facilities such as operating terminals, counter yards and buildings were successfully delivered to Evergreen Shipping Company’s follow-up operating equipment for entry and use, adding value and creating volume for Kaohsiung Port.

The Seventh Container Center has built 5 deep-water terminals that can dock 24,000 TEU container ships. At the same time, it is equipped with a 700m deep and 149 hectare container yard hinterland. The storage and transportation energy can reach 4.5 million TEU/year (the long-term target is 6.5 million TEU. /Year), which has the potential to develop modern fully automated large-scale container bases.

After repeated discussions by the Taiwan Port Corporation, Evergreen Shipping Company, Yutai Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. and other teams, the Seventh Container Center will adopt the principle of “phased construction” to gradually build a “modern fully automated counter yard” and introduce AI artificial intelligence, New technology applications such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Automated Guided Straddle Carriers (ASC), IoT (Internet of Things), and 5G communications, and fully reserved future fully automated expansion equipment requirements in the planning and design phase , To maintain the maximum flexibility of the seventh container center, and plan the blueprint for the development of a smart port in Kaohsiung Port.

The Kaohsiung Port Seventh Container Center Project is a major project tailored for the container transshipment hub port following the Kaohsiung Port Intercontinental Phase II project. The overall plan needs to keep pace with the times from planning, design to future operation stages. Only by breaking away from the traditional thinking framework can we break through in the fast-changing and highly competitive global shipping environment.

In the future, Taiwan Ports Corporation will continue to provide a more innovative and sustainable modern operating environment for navigators, upgrade the efficiency of container loading and unloading operations, and continue to contribute to the development of Taiwan’s economy. It will also accelerate the intelligent transformation and development of Taiwan’s port groups to create port safety and efficiency. And the new vision of environmental protection, to advance towards the goal of the excellent international port group.