For more than 46 years, Interferry has served as the shipping association representing the ferry industry worldwide.

What began as an organization that largely facilitated networking among our members, has transformed into a highly respected global association with more than 260 member companies representing more than 1,000 individuals from over 40 countries. Today, Interferry not only continues to support networking among our members, but also has a laser-like focus on the safety and security of passengers, crew, cargo and ships. We also ensure that fair and equitable regulations exist for the ferry industry, including free, fair and open competition, as well as the protection of the environment.

Interferry has a long-standing commitment to support enhanced safety for domestic ferry transportation in the developing world. We are an organization that is growing steadily and today focus on extending membership to operators in geographic areas currently under-represented among our membership.

Each year, Interferry hosts a conference that brings together key stakeholders in the international ferry industry. This year, the 46th Annual Interferry Conference will be held on October 1 to 5, 2022 at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle. For more information, visit: https://interferryconference.com/



Mike Corrigan, CEO
Telephone: (250) 888-0215

Shari Corrigan, Director of Conferences and Finance
Telephone: (250) 516-9308

Johan Roos, Director of Regulatory Affairs
Mobile: +46 707 930790