June 25, 2021 — The drainage system of the Hualien Port area undertakes the urban drainage in the Meilun area. Considering that the drainage system of the port area encounters instantaneous strong rainfall, the drainage of the inner port is often not as good as the drainage system. The Hualien County Government has completed the new drainage system on the surrounding coastal roads. In order to re-examine and analyze the runoff catchment division and drainage system of Hualien Port, a budget of RMB 4 billion was compiled in 109, and a professional consulting company was commissioned to complete the drainage review and reconstruction plan of the port and surrounding areas in 110.

The Hualien Port Branch has started a series of drainage improvement projects since 104. It has greatly reduced the area of ​​flooded water on the roads in the port area in the case of instantaneous rainstorms. However, in order to continue to track and review the bottleneck area of ​​the port area, the Hualien Port Branch With this plan, we will continue to review the drainage system of the entire port, the impact of the surrounding urban drainage on the flooding of the port area and possible improvement plans. Through investigation, analysis and treatment planning, surveying and mapping of the current hydrology, geology, and drainage data, and hydrology are carried out. Water analysis and preliminary planning and design, propose engineering and non-engineering drainage improvement plans for system bottlenecks, and consider the suggestions of relevant units in the port area, and put forward appropriate review and amendments for the comprehensive water control plan. The entire investigation of this case was completed on May 24, and relevant renovation projects will be completed one after another starting from fiscal year 111.