November 10, 2020 — After the Hong Kong-based Genting Group’s “Explore Dream” was launched on the Taiwan island-hopping route, it brought 15 voyages and 37,037 island-hopping tourists to Hualien Port from August 4 to October 21, 109, as well as local sightseeing. The industry brings booming business opportunities. In addition, it is expected to operate approximately 20 round-the-island cruise routes (approximately 34,400 passengers) from October 24 to the end of the year, activating domestic tourism.

In the face of the tight global epidemic, cruise operations will gradually transform from international routes to domestic hopping and island-hopping cruise routes. This will be accompanied by a substantial increase in domestic cruise travel demand. The promotion of island-hopping cruise routes will bring new ideas to domestic tourism. The opportunity also allowed Hualien’s shore tourism to inject living water.

In response to the rapid growth of domestic tourists, Taiwan’s commercial ports have spared no effort to invest resources to maintain the service quality of the stations, and through the provision of high-quality stations to enhance the good feelings of tourists. Take Hualien Port as an example. In response to the significant increase in domestic cruise tourism demand, Hualien Port has gradually improved customs clearance facilities, such as route guidance signs and improved barrier-free space. In the near future, it will also purchase infrared thermal imaging cameras to respond to infectious diseases. need.

In order to improve service quality, Hualien Port Branch strives to increase the number of bus connections, increase the number of taxi schedules, and sell specialty goods at customs clearance stations. In the face of the future cruise passenger volume of approximately 1,600 passengers per voyage, Hualien Port has prepared enough energy and is confident that passengers will have a pleasant travel experience.