October 22, 2021 — Hualien Port is the only port in the east that combines cargo transportation and sightseeing and recreation. In recent years, in addition to improving the quality of goods in and out of Huadong, it has also been actively developing in the direction of ecological conservation and tourism and recreation in order to create a public environmental protection and recreational space. In response to the increasing public awareness of environmental protection and the development of global environmental changes, Hualien Port Branch has successively obtained the European Seaport Organization (ESPO) Eco-port and Norwegian Business Envi International Verification Company (DNV-GL) Greenhouse Gas Verification and other international environments in order to promote green ports. Management system certification, and won the Hualien County Government Urban Garden Silver Award and the first place in the adoption of road cleaning companies. The Hualien County Environmental Protection Bureau yesterday (21st) invited the Air Pollution Control Committee of the Environmental Protection Department of the Executive Yuan to visit various air pollution control measures and environmental management plans in the Hualien Port area, confirming Hualien Port’s various measures to strengthen the port’s pollution control and upgrade Hualien Various positive actions of county air quality.

In order to cooperate with Hualien County Environmental Protection Bureau to promote a number of air quality maintenance measures in Hualien County since this year, Hualien Port Branch Co Environmental protection facilities, and held many loading and unloading pollution prevention seminars or pollution reduction seminars to cooperate with industry players to improve the air quality of Hualien Port. Related sand and gravel and loading and unloading companies in the port area have also increased their funds this year to invest in the improvement of dust-proof net facilities and additional purchases Street sweepers and sprinklers and other vehicles and equipment are designed to strengthen various pollution prevention measures in the port area. In addition, in order to cherish water resources, the Hualien Port Branch has built an automatic control system for surface water resources using the smart grid of the port area to effectively improve the efficiency of sand and gravel stacking in the port area and water spraying and dust suppression for ship loading and unloading. In terms of transportation pollution reduction, Hualien Port has set up three automatic gate systems at arrival posts to reduce the idle time of inbound and outbound vehicles, and cooperate with Hualien County Environmental Protection Bureau and the port police to inspect the oil products of inbound and outbound vehicles to maintain the air quality of the port; In addition, Hualien Port has also installed 18 ship-to-shore power systems, as well as the management measures to promote ship slowing and the conversion of ships to low-sulfur fuel oil, which can effectively reduce ship air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the port area.

Hualien Port Branch is a port operator and is committed to promoting Hualien Port to become a port for environmental sustainability and tourism. In parallel, continuous improvement will be made to enhance the environmental quality of Hualien’s beautiful mountains and waters.

Photo above: The Hualien County Environmental Protection Bureau invited the Air Pollution Committee of the Environmental Protection Agency to the port area for observation and guidance. 
From left to right: Qiu Qi, Section Chief of Air Pollution, Environmental Protection Agency, Fang Shuhui, Member of Air Pollution, Environmental Protection Agency, Lin Zhengfang, Member of Air Pollution, Environmental Protection Agency, Wu Shengzhong, Member of Air Pollution, Environmental Protection Agency, Li Chongde, Member of Air Pollution, Environmental Protection Agency, and Xu Wenchang, Air Pollution, Environmental Protection Agency Committee member, Song Xueping, Director of Hualien Port Branch, Lin Yihui, Air Noise Section of Environmental Protection Bureau, and Lin Shiqin, Associate of Sun Yang Consulting Company.