September 18, 2020 — In order to cooperate with the central government’s policy of expanding the transportation capacity of East Sand, Hualien Port Branch actively planned the leasing case of the back line and facilities of Hualien Port #20 Sand and Gravel Terminal at the beginning of this year, and the bid for the lease of 3.2 hectares including storage and transportation base and 1 set of enclosed shipping equipment. After public selection, “New Hualien Stone Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter referred to as New Hualien Stone Company) won the bid, and the contract was signed on May 1, 109. The shipping equipment is expected to increase Hualien Port by 1.6 million tons per year The East Sand North Transport Operational Energy.

The new Hualien Stone Company took about 3 months to prepare for operation. It successfully completed the first trial assembly of Dongsha on July 29, and officially began operations in August. It is estimated that the Dongsha can be loaded from Hualien Port to Keelung Port and Taipei Port every month. About 100,000 tons. The Hualien Port Branch stated that there are currently 4 sets of sand and gravel enclosed shipping equipment in Hualien Port, which are leased by 4 operators, with a storage and transportation base of 10.5 hectares. The operating energy of the shipping equipment can exceed 6 million tons per year, which is enough to shoulder Dongshabei. Transport sea freight needs and achieve central policy goals.

In addition, in order to enhance the market competitiveness of Dongsha, Hualien Port Branch has long provided preferential rates and incremental incentive schemes for Dongsha to effectively stimulate the north-east transportation volume of Dongsha. From January to August of 109, the loading and unloading volume of Hualien Port East Sand North Transport reached 1.9 million tons, an increase of 340,000 tons over the same period last year, a growth rate of 22%, and a total of 3 million tons for the whole year.