March 19, 2021 — In order to optimize the port operation management and implement the green port policy, Hualien Port Branch invested a total of NT$89 million from 104 to 106 to deploy power and optical fiber networks throughout the port to meet the high-definition display of CCTV in the port area. Terminal lighting, road lighting and channel indicator numbers are all set by central control to optimize the overall port facility management.

In 109, the Hualien Port Branch Company started from the practical needs and handled the fourth phase of the integration and construction of the Hualien Port Smart Grid. The budget was NT$23 million, and the following smart management results were completed:

1. Strengthen the central control of the terminal lighting and add APP control, which immediately conforms to the berth setting.

2. According to the state of water level changes, the surface reservoirs in the port area are networked and automatically allocated, and the utilization of water resources is upgraded.

3. Digital billing of water and electricity meters in the port area, using smart digital equipment to capture complete and real-time consumption, replacing traditional manual meter reading operations, and laying a foundation for upgrading the water and power resource management in the port area.

4. Port public toilet alarms, fire alarms, equipment abnormal alarms and signal return processing, so that the monitoring center can fully grasp the status and alarm processing dynamics, and the management unit will deal with the information immediately.

The system was completed on January 27, 110, and education and training were conducted on February 20. Hualien Port will continue to cooperate with the smart port policy to develop, upgrade, and expand applications based on the completed smart grid infrastructure and management system.