March 25, 2022 — Taiwan Port Co., Ltd. Hualien Port Branch won the national “110 Annual Water Conservation Outstanding Unit – First Prize in the Organization Group”. On March 22, Director Lai Jianxin, Director of the Water Resources Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, commended the implementation of the model for promoting water conservation. , and through the sharing and inheritance of experience, leading all walks of life in the country to invest in water-saving work; in August 2011, the Hualien branch proposed “Smart Port – Hualien Port’s Water Plenty Smart Allocation Application” to participate in the national “110 Annual Water Saving Performance Unit Selection” competition. After a written review, on-site re-election, and the selection committee of the Ministry of Economic Affairs unanimously agreed that the company’s proposed “Smart Port – Hualien Port’s Smart Water Allocation Application” has specific performance in improving the effective utilization of water resources and promoting the rationalization of water use , affirmed the company’s commitment to various performances of water-saving measures, and was awarded the “110 Annual Water Conservation Outstanding Unit – National First Prize in the Organization Group” and a NT$50,000 bonus as encouragement.

In order to promote water conservation among the general public, the Water Resources Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs will shoot a promotional video before the award ceremony to the agencies that have won the special award. The water-saving deeds of each agency will be publicly shared through video recordings, providing the best model for observation and learning, so that others can learn from it. The unit learns together and promotes it to the public.

Wang Paifeng, the general manager of Hualien Port Branch, said that Hualien Port is located in the east of Taiwan with “good mountains and good water”, and he deeply understands the importance of sustainable environmental development. Under the “Green Port” policy of the Port Co., Ltd., it is committed to promoting various innovative approaches to environmental protection and energy conservation. Since 1987, Hualien Port has built a water tanker, and has built 12 so far. In 2014, it won the first place in the Innovation Application Award of the Executive Yuan for the proposal of “Water Resources Bank – Water Reuse”, and it has continued to improve water every year since then. The filling system uses rolling adjustment to improve the reuse rate of water resources. Then in 109 years, an optical fiber network was set up in the port area as the backbone, and combined with Chunghwa Telecom technology to transmit signals through wired or wireless networks, it can be automatically controlled or remotely controlled. Port-related equipment makes the port water full of intelligence to improve the efficiency of surface water reuse, manpower and electricity, effectively reducing the annual tap water consumption of about 170,000 tons in the port area. In addition, it can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 25,565 kilograms per year, greatly reduce the cost of tap water, and collect surface water with the concept of “take it from nature, use it for environmental protection, and return to nature”, so as to achieve the goal of “cherishing water resources” and saving water. Goal, winning this award is just a starting point, the branch will continue to implement the overall performance of the green port for Hualien Port in the spirit of continuous improvement, and move towards the goal of environmental sustainability.