September 3, 2021 — Hualien Port Branch is scheduled to handle the “Hualien Port 110 International Ship and Port Facilities Preservation and Disaster Prevention and Rescue Game” in September, so as to strengthen and improve the anti-violent terrorist attacks, port epidemic prevention and disaster prevention in Hualien Port through exercises. Various contingency actions for prevention and rescue.

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic worldwide this year, in order to ensure the safety of the port area, the Hualien Port Branch will continue to implement various port facilities preservation work. During the three-level epidemic alert period, in addition to implementing port inspections and strengthening physical barrier facilities, “The 110 annual internal inspection of Hualien Port’s Outer and Inner Port Facilities” should also be handled by the online document inspection method in response to the need for epidemic prevention. An internal inspection review meeting was held on July 1, 110. After the epidemic alert was adjusted to the second level on August 6, the Hualien Port Branch Office handled the “Hualien Port Facility Preservation Working Group 110 Second Quarter Joint Meeting and the Port Facility Preservation Simulation Situation Rehearsal and Disposal Meeting” on August 6 to comply with ISPS The relevant provisions of the articles of association, and the contingency actions of relevant units in the port area will be exercised during the meeting for foreign crew members to disembark without following the anti-epidemic regulations and people enter the port area without authorization to destroy the surveillance system.

Since the 9/11 incident in the United States, in order to prevent terrorist attacks and sabotage, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) passed the ISPS charter in December 2002, and ships and ports of various countries must complete the preservation of international ships and port facilities in accordance with the charter. In order to maintain the safety of the world’s shipping industry, under this urgent pressure, governments, shipping companies, and port agencies have all gone all out to comply with the requirements of the Convention. In this regard, the Hualien Port Branch has continued to strengthen, improve and implement the Hualien Port. Measures for the preservation of port facilities, rolling review of the addition of CCTV surveillance systems in the port area, the addition of an intrusion smart warning system, and strengthening of port inspections, etc., in order to strive to maintain the safety of the Hualien Port area.