January 27, 2021 — 1. In order to cooperate with the national development policy for offshore wind power, and to serve the needs of various offshore wind power operation ships to the port, according to the berthing and operation of such ships, priority will be given to provide some berths in the port for berthing. cost.
2. Charged objects: work vessels engaged in offshore wind power and work vessels stranded in Hualien Port during non-offshore wind power operations (including but not limited to stone dumping vessels, underwater foundation installation vessels, barges, water wind turbine installation vessels, and cables Ships, supply operation and maintenance ships (SOV), noise reduction ships, drilling ships, survey ships, anchor ships, personnel transport ships).
3. Wind farm developers or downstream related businesses (including ship owners or their agents) should sign a priority berthing contract with this branch and provide a list of their wind farm operating fleet (or the wind farm operating fleet they represent) ( (Including Chinese and English ship name, call sign, IMO NO., etc.) as an attachment to the contract, and with the approval of the branch, the berth seat will be designated and the bill will be charged accordingly.
4. Billing:
(1) The berth approved by this branch refers to the berth, in addition to the dock anchorage fee, plus the priority berthing fee.
(2) Mooring at a dedicated terminal for wind power lease: Generally, berthing will be charged based on the current rate table for dock anchorage fees or fees agreed by both parties. In the case of combined berthing operations, ships berthing outside the gear (limited to one ship), in addition to the dock anchorage fee, the priority berthing fee will be calculated based on the public dock, and the priority berthing fee will be charged at a 50% discount. The aforementioned rate calculation is only applicable to the ships in the wind power operation fleet list provided by the wind farm developer or the downstream related industry that leases the dedicated terminal. If it is not included in the wind power operation fleet list, the ship engaged in offshore wind power operation shall still be subject to the previous charging standard Calculate and collect related expenses.
(3) The pre-opening priority berthing fee is calculated and collected in accordance with the “Taiwan Port Co., Ltd. Offshore Wind Power Operation Vessel Fee Table” (attached as the attachment), which is listed as an attachment to the contract as the basis for charging.
(4) In addition to the above fees for offshore wind power operation vessels, other port business fees are still calculated and collected according to the “Hualien Port Business Fee Item and Rate Standard Table”.
5) Priority berthing fees (excluding ships stranded in the port) will not be charged during the typhoon’s invasion of port control.
5. The effective date of the Shanghai Development Announcement is April 1, 110.