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HDR’s port and marine professionals work with you to create opportunities from economic and industry challenges. Our big picture understanding of port operations and multi-disciplinary expertise allows us to provide a full spectrum of maritime services to meet your planning, marine structure design, goods movement, infrastructure development, environmental and regulatory needs.

Our waterfront expertise includes planning, design and repair of waterfront facilities, container terminals and bulk cargo. We also have experience rehabilitating and retrofitting existing docks to accommodate deeper channels and larger-berth ships. Our economics and finance professionals help clients make sound decisions, and our intermodal team improves the efficiency and capacity of goods movement. Sometimes clients bring us unique new initiatives such as berthing historical ships or designing graving docks, and we embrace the challenge. From smaller projects to complete facility upgrades, we provide the planning, permitting, design and construction services needed to get the job done.

Our full suite of services:

  • Marine structural
  • Dredging
  • Program management
  • Coastal, geotechnical & construction engineering
  • Heavy civil design
  • Regulatory & environmental analysis
  • Economic market and demand studies
  • Grant writing
  • Facility and master planning

1050 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 1800
Portland, OR  97204

Phone: 503-423-3700

Frank Proctor, PNW Maritime Sector Leader (Frank.Proctor@hdrinc.com)