Haynes and Boone, LLP is one of the American Lawyer top 100 law firms, with more than 575 lawyers in 17 offices and 40 major legal practices. We are among the largest firms based in the United States. Our growth has been driven by our client service strengths, especially our problem-solving acumen and our ability to collaborate with clients.

It is our mission to be a preeminent law firm that serves clients globally on sophisticated legal matters while maintaining a special culture founded on teamwork, a healthy work environment, and a strong work ethic. While every law firm believes culture is an important component of success, our culture is truly unique. Our culture is defined by our collaborative work environment and by putting the interests of our clients first. It focuses on teamwork, an environment of mutual respect, and a long-term view that supports investing in the future and the success of Haynes and Boone as an outstanding professional service institution.


2323 Victory Ave #700
Dallas, TX 75219 USA

T: 949-202-3037
London: +44 (020) 8734-2800
Orange County: 949-202-3000
Palo Alto: 650-687-8800
Shanghai: +86-21-6062-6179

David Bender, Partner (david.bender@haynesboone.com)