February 5, 2021 — As part of ongoing efforts to keep port infrastructures in line with operational needs, Port of Keelung, TIPC will issue a public bid to operate a recently completed multifunctional ‘green’ warehouse facility at Suao Port.

Warehouse No. 15 at Suao Port, completed and approved for service late last year, provides 3,427.59 square meters of total floorspace. The facility is 13.8m in total height with an indoor height of 4.2m. Its single-story design features high ceilings, a clean and open interior space, high-quality / high safety steel girder construction, and up-to-code fire prevention / suppression systems. The warehouse is ideally suited for businesses engaged in goods storage, logistics, and simple manufacturing / processing operations (with an approved factory registration). Open, outdoor areas in the front and rear of the facility are available for temporary cargo storage and for vehicle traffic and parking, and may be further developed based on actual need. Companies considering submitting bids are welcome to arrange a visit beforehand.

In line with worldwide energy reduction and conservation trends, new buildings at TIPC ports are being designed as low-carbon / energy-saving ‘green’ facilities. Warehouse No. 15 at Suao Port is the first TIPC facility to earn EEWH certification, with results showing that, under normal operating conditions, exterior walls, A/C systems, and lighting systems deliver energy savings of 50%, 20%, and 54%, respectively. Furthermore, the facility reduces carbon emissions by 26%, solid waste volumes by 3.5%, and water consumption by 18.7%. This and other new port builds reflect TIPC commitment to sustainable, green development within its port network from initial design work through to construction and normal operations. Promoting environmental sustainability together with operational service quality and efficiency are key goals of TIPC ports, helping TIPC achieve green goals in the areas of energy consumption, waste generation, and water use.

Warehouse No. 15 is conveniently located to Longde and Lize Industrial Parks and to the main trunk rail line that connects through to Taipei in the north and Hualien in the south. The facility is also close to both Highway 9 and the northeast Coastal Highway, providing convenient roadway access to Taipei and Keelung. Access to multiple modes of inland transportation deliver convenience to both shipping companies and cargo owners. Twenty-seven private companies currently operate at Suao Port in the shipbuilding, hotel services, solar / photovoltaic power, electric vehicle, and cargo handling sectors. Furthermore, the port has designated 12ha for tourism and recreation purposes that is available for investment and development by businesses in the restaurant, hotel, leisure services, and retail sectors. For further information related to investing or doing business at Suao Port, please call the port’s business hotline at (03) 997-2010. Port administrators are actively seeking new business investments and cross-sectoral partnerships conducive to promoting regional economic growth and prosperity.