December 11, 2020 — In order to improve the high-quality working environment of Hualien Port, Hualien Port Branch of Taiwan Port Corporation has been awarded the Hualien County Health Bureau’s Safe Place Certification, the Civic Organization Group Smoke-free Workplace Gold Award, and Hualien The County Environmental Protection Bureau won the first place in the evaluation of enterprise road cleaning and cleaning, and the silver award of the city garden organization group. After the recognition of the Hualien County Health Bureau and the Environmental Protection Bureau, Hualien Port has become a healthy, smoke-free, happy and environmentally friendly port. A safe place, so that every Hualien Port worker, public citizen and tourist can actually feel the healthy, smoke-free and happy high-quality and safe working environment of Hualien Port.

Hualien Port was preparing for a series of celebrations for the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the port. In the last year (108), when handling the renovation of the interior and surrounding environment of the administrative building, the four elements of health, smoke-free, happiness and environmental protection were included in the plan. Construction began in July, and all my colleagues have actively invested and worked together. In this year (109), the 4th and 5th floors of the administration building, the Hong Kong History Museum and the surrounding landscape platform software and hardware reconstruction and relocation projects have been completed and successfully completed. Hualien Port in Memory” Call for Papers, “Embrace Hualien Port” Sketch Contest, “Waiting to the White Lighthouse” event, and “Huagang Port Moves Your Heart” celebration, and other series of activities for the 90th anniversary of Hualien Port.

Hualien Port has been certified as a safe place while celebrating the 90th anniversary of the port building. At present, more than 70% of Hualien Port’s employees have passed CPR and AED training, which can effectively increase the success rate of first aid and protect employees, public citizens and cruise ships. Safety of passengers’ lives. In terms of implementing a smoke-free workplace, we provide employees with a healthy working environment. Through the TV wall and marquee of the administrative building, we will continue to promote smoke prevention advertisements for vehicles entering and leaving the port area and the public. The outdoor landscape platform area is announced as a no-smoking area. Combined with the urban garden green space of Hualien Port, it provides passengers with a smoke-free high-quality recreational space. Combined with road maintenance and cleaning, it can not only make the roads around the port area clean and improve the safety of passersby in the port area, but also reduce the risk of traffic caused by vehicles passing through. Dust is raised and the air quality in the port area is maintained, making Hualien Port an international port with international standards.

In the future, Hualien Port Branch will continue to provide healthy, smoke-free, happy and environmentally friendly port high-quality safe places with practical actions, fulfilling the corporate social responsibility of Hualien Port.