January 11, 2021 — Over the holiday season, the Port was in full swing preparing for two new hybrid mobile harbor cranes. Their arrival on Saturday marks another step toward further reducing emissions and greening cargo operations at “The Greenest Port in the U.S.”. These new cranes will help speed the delivery of goods to local stores, increase efficiencies, support additional cargo movement, and reduce air emissions for the surrounding community.

“Since our Board adopted the Port’s Environmental Management Framework it has guided investments like these over the past 5 years,” said Oxnard Harbor District Board President Jess J. Ramirez. “The Port continues to stand on our commitment to grow sustainably, ensuring we reduce our carbon footprint with each step forward we take.”

Ceres Terminal Holdings LLC, a stevedoring company providing RO/RO stevedoring and terminal services at the Port of Hueneme since 2005, is investing in their operations with these new electric hybrid mobile harbor cranes. Manufactured by the German company Liebherr, these cranes will join the Port’s fleet unloading and loading containers and high/heavy cargo on and off vessels from all over the world. The two new cranes, Liebherr – LHM 420 Litronic Mobile Harbor Crane models, are each equipped with two electric motors installed opposite of the latest generation of Tier 4 final diesel engines, meeting the cleanest emissions standards of the EPA.

Tier 4 engines significantly reduce emissions of particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) to near zero levels. Relative to previous emissions standards, Tier 4 engines reduce emissions by over 90%. These new cranes will plug into the Port’s new electric infrastructure coming online later this year.

Kristin Decas, CEO & Port Director expanded, “We applaud our par tner company Ceres Terminal Holdings LLC for their foresight and investment, joining our endeavors as we continue to transition to a carbon-neutral Port. This investment benefits the Port’s workforce, stakeholders, and surrounding community.”

“Ceres is excited for the multiple opportunities made possible through our long-term relationship with the Port of Hueneme. Partnering with the Port of Hueneme has provided, and will continue to provide jobs and economic growth for the region. We continue to welcome the ongoing opportunity to invest in, and provide our capability for, this important relationship,” said Craig Mygatt, President and CEO, Ceres Terminals Holdings LLC.

The new crane design has been optimized for ships in the Post-Panamax class. The crane series raises and lowers loads at up to 120 meters per minute and has a maximum load capacity of 124 tons and handles up to 38 containers per hour with its hybrid drive. The crane is also suitable for the efficient handling of bulk cargoes, as well as the safe transportation of general cargoes.