Hualien Port planned to build the port in the 19th year of the Republic of China. This year (109) coincides with the 90th anniversary. The Hualien Port Branch Company plans to handle a series of celebrations from July 1, 109 to the end of the year. Looking forward to evoke the people’s memory of Hualien Port through the activities and understand the role of Hualien Port in the economic development of Hualien.

A series of celebrations for the 90th anniversary of the construction of the Hualien Port will be kicked off on July 1, this year, the “Hualien Port in Memory” call for papers will be held. The call for papers will last for one month, with students and adults as the first category. The bonus is 6,000 yuan, and people are welcome to submit articles to write the most beautiful port of Hualien in their hearts. Next, on August 22, a “Hug Hualien Port” sketching competition will be held to welcome the colorful paintings of Hualien Port among elementary and middle school students. The third series of activities, “Go  Read the White Lighthouse” on September 26, hopes to reproduce this white lighthouse in the heart of Hualien through text creation, oral history. The main axis of the series of activities is the “Flower and Harmony in Hong Kong” celebration held on October 17th, in which award winners (gold) will be awarded for the call for papers and sketching contest winners. In addition to arranging visits to the historical retrospective exhibition and the Hong Kong Museum of History, there are also games and markets to visit. The “Retro Exhibition of Past Feelings and History”, which was unveiled that day, will continue to be displayed until November 15. This time, the old photos of the special collection of the Hualien Port Branch are displayed in conjunction with the history of the port. People are welcome to watch, follow the development path of the Hualien Port, and look for the memories of the past. The series of activities will be completed on December 4th with the earth-loving beach activities.

Hualien Port carries the interactive memory of Hualien people and the coast. Hualien Port Branch sincerely welcomes the public to participate actively in the activities of the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the port, to witness the historical trajectory of Hualien Port and the diversified development in recent years.