November 10, 2020 — Maintaining and improving its wharf operating environment has been a consistent goal of the Port of Taichung, a subsidiary of the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC). The quality of surfacing services continues to improve. Also, the port allocates regular annual budgets for the resurfacing of port roadways, wharves, and storage yards to allow the smooth passage of heavily laden container trucks and to withstand the constant challenges of Taichung’s sunshine and weather.

Accumulated stress over time leads to surfaces riddled with cracks and depressions that negatively impact vehicular safety. The Port of Taichung has invested nearly NT$500 million over the past five years in resurfacing projects, with affected areas receiving new layers of asphalt. Since 2016, the port has resurfaced the container yards and other areas leased by Evergreen Marine, CCTC, Wan Hai Lines, and Elite International as well as Zhongnan 1st, Huangan South, Nanti, and Zhong 2nd Roads, with exceptional results.

According to a statement by the Port of Taichung, the port budgeted NT$31 million this year (2020) on resurfacing work that primarily targeted the Wan Hai Container Yard, yard area adjacent to Wharf No. 29 (bulk cargo), and West-6 Wharf (petrochemical zone). Project work this year resurfaced over 60,000 square meters, with improvements in the asphalt mixture improving adhesive and structural strength characteristics that enhance pavement stress resistance and structural integrity over time. The result is a long-lasting surface and a significantly enhanced driving experience for container truck and other vehicle operators. This year’s project work began on April 8th and proceeded in line with a staggered schedule that took operator needs into consideration. Inspection of all work finished up on August 5th and all areas are now back in normal operation.

“We will continue resurfacing and upgrading critical roadways and other surfaces at our port,” Port of Taichung President Sean Lu noted in a recent statement. “It is our sincere hope that recent improvements in resurfacing materials will significantly enhance the overall quality of our road resurfacing efforts and that the quality of work done by our team results in a significantly better work environment and better road navigation experiences.”